Voice of the Titans Mike Keith Sizes Up Tennessee This Offseason


The Tennessee Titans were one game away from the Super Bowl last year.
Getting back in position for another Super Bowl run next year won’t be easy.
The Voice of the Titans Mike Keith sizes up how the team is taking shape right now amid the coronavirus shut-down.

Locking down quarterback Ryan Tannehill with a long term contract should continue to unlock the Titans offense according to Mike Keith.

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Said Keith:”For the fact that Tannehill brings mobility to the quarterback position, which when you have Derrick Henry and teams are going to focus on him Angela, you know there are going to be some opportunities for the quarterback to put the ball on his hip and take off and run. The Tennessee Titans could line up and play tomorrow with the offense. We’ve got five starters on the offensive line. We’ve got our top three receivers. We’ve got our top three tight ends. We got our quarterback. We got our running back. Let’s go.”

The Titans wouldn’t be as gung ho to line up defensively, especially after trading tackle Jurrell Casey.

Said Keith:”The real impetus behind that. Behind the Jurrell Casey trade was the fact that Jeffery Simmons is ready to be the regular guy at defensive tackle. It’s a golden opportunity for Isaiah Mack. Now with the Titans losing Austin Johnson and losing Jurrell Casey, somebody gets to step forward.”

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The Titans hope new defensive end Vic Beasley will step forward. Tennessee had 39 sacks last year. The 16th best total in the NFL.

Said Keith:”Vic Beasley is a guy that gets after the quarterback. I think putting he and Harold Landry together being able to get after the quarterback. I love the additions.”

As far as the draft goes, Keith isn’t surprised it will still go down as planned at the end of April.

Said Keith:”They don’t know if they put the draft off, when they would be able to have it. And because we can do the draft remotely, and everybody can still be safe, then we’re in a position that we can keep going with that.”

But Keith isn’t sure where the Titans are going with their draft picks.

Said Keith:”I’m watching them to see if there’s a chance they move out of the first round, and try to really grab some more picks because as I said, they need to add quality and depth on the defense. Having more draft picks would enable them to do that. And right now, the Titans don’t have a fourth round pick because of the Ryan Tannehill trade. They also don’t have a sixth round pick.”