Workers at Roper start petition over social distancing issues


LaFayette, Georgia (WDEF) – Workers at a LaFayette manufacturing plant are voicing their concerns about their work environment while trying not to contract COVID-19.

News 12’s Taylor Bishop spoke with some employees on why they say the plant needs to be shut down.

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“We was coming back to work with one week off. In one week they were supposed to have sanitized the whole building and as you can see this building is twenty-eight acres long. That’s a lot of building.”

Roper Corporation workers say their problems happen before they even hit the door.

“We was told that Roper Corporation would not be shut down unless it was a confirmed case, but then it would be to late because we are a company that has over two thousand employees. Once one person gets it it will spread.”

Workers say they had to wait in lines to get their temperatures taken before they could go inside to start their shifts.

They say the HR department isn’t answering their questions and have shut their doors.

“I personally stayed inline for forty minutes in the cold waiting to get to my job, I clocked in late to my job and there were also several people in the line stating that they had fevers.”

Workers who reached out to us say they are concerned for their own health at work and then returning home and being around their families.

“It’s like so many cases going on there are so many pending cases in Roper which they haven’t even got word if it was confirmed or not because there have been limited kits being provided for testing.”

Several workers say they plan to protest outside of the plant is their demands aren’t met.
In LaFayette, Taylor Bishop News 12 Now.

Laura DeLay has begun an online petition requesting that the Walker County Commissioner shut down the plant.  It has 1150 signatures so far.

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