Silverdale Grad Josh Brady Pursuing NFL Career as a Long Snapper


Silverdale’s Josh Brady knew he didn’t have the speed or size to play college football, but he had a unique skill. He perfected the art of long snapping. That earned Brady a scholarship to Jacksonville State. And now he’s trying to take his craft a step further. Brady is hoping to latch on with an NFL team this spring as a long snapper.

Josh Brady honed his snapping skills early in life with Mocs quarterback Nick Tiano. The two were pee wee teammates with the Hixson Steelers.
Said Brady:”Nick would line up to do shotgun. We’re 8-years-old. We looked. We shouldn’t have been doing that. We were way too young, but Nick was so good. We had a good group of athletes, and so we were very, very good.”
The two later faced each other in college when Jacksonville State took on UTC.
Said Brady:”It was very surreal going out there seeing an old buddy out there and both of us being captains. It was really, really special. Just kind of everything became full circle in that moment.”
Facing an old friend is easy.
Facing LSU is not.
Said Brady:”When I was a true freshman at Jacksonville State, we were playing LSU at LSU. Death Valley. A night game. They kept telling me all week. They’ve got this freshman. He weighs 335 pounds. They’re going to put him on top of you for PAT’s and field goals. We go out there, and we score first, and it was huge. We go out there and get ready for the PAT, and he starts trash talking me. I look up, and I see this behemoth of a man just breathing down my neck. Talking to me the whole time, and I just kept praying to God, just help this ball get back there and for me not to die.”
As if snapping the ball wasn’t hard enough.
Brady kept perfecting his craft at multiple camps for long snappers.
Said Brady:”When I would go to these showcase events. The more that I did well in these things, the more confidence I got.”
Brady gained enough confidence where he’s now pursuing an NFL career.
He even has Bus Cook as his agent, who also represents Brett Favre and Cam Newton.
Said Brady:”Just the fact that I say, let me send this to my agent. It makes me. It’s just weird you know. I never would have expected it. I’m just a scrawny kid from Silverdale Baptist Academy.”