A local plumber talks about whether he is essential


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Starting today, Tennesseans who are non-essential workers are urged to remain at home.

Governor Bill Lee issued executive order 22, installing safer at home guidelines in every Tennessee County.

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The order is not mandatory but recommended.

Local business Owner Daniel Clark tells us about a minor encounter he had with a Chattanooga police officer and why his plumbing trade is essential.

“The gas station man had his paper and he was saying that at 11:59 today that all non-essential businesses are shut down. And that only essential travel for people and businesses should move around. You know you can’t have the messes in the house. If they have to stop the commode what you going to do let it run in the street? I mean the police around here, they like us they’re just trying to get through.

Trades like plumbing and electricity are considered essential.