Vets are now offering curbside service for your pets


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Like most people, places and businesses, veterinarians are having to adjust to Covid-19 and social distancing.

The New Hope veterinarian center uses curbside service to keep clients and staff protected.

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Clients drive to the front of the office, then call or beep their horn and a technician will assist them and their pet.

Dr. Bain says he can also come to you if necessary.

“Basically clients come to the office, they wait in the car. They can call or beep the horn and we send technicians out to them. We’re trying to limit our exposure to us as much as possible. Another advantage we have here that a lot of vets don’t is that I also have a mobile practice. So I can go out to peoples homes and do the same thing there.”

Dr. Bain says the New Hope office does deal with the shortage of medical supplies because of the obvious need of coronavirus treatment at other facilities.