Plastic Surgery Group makes adjustments, still open for cancer, trauma patients


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Plastic Surgery Group is making adjustments in order to stay open.

“We’re in the plastic surgery group business, but we do a lot of other things. We have a very diverse group. We have surgeons who specialize in plastic surgery. Surgeons that specialize in trauma. Surgeons that specialize in hand surgery,” Dr. Jason Rehm said.
Dr. Rehm is a Plastic Surgeon and Managing Partner at The Plastic Surgery Group.
He said despite changes, they’re still working for cancer and trauma patients.
“We do a lot of trauma which is urgent or even emergent in nature so we’re open to taking care of those patients. Same thing with our cancer patient population. We do a lot of breast reconstruction and a lot cancer operations we need to be available and ready to do those, because some of those are time sensitive,” Dr. Rehm said.
He said that they’ve been following federal and local guidance.
They’ve postponed elective surgery and most elective consultations.
They’re also taking measures to protect patients like limiting the amount of patients in the waiting room.
“We’re asking some patients to wait in the car and texting them to come in so we don’t have a waiting room full of patients,” Dr. Rehm said.
Dr. Rehm urges people with questions about future appointments to communicate with their doctor. 
“Talk to them and the nursing staff and see is that something I need to be seen for right now or is this something that could potentially wait a few weeks or a month until maybe things will settle down might be a little bit safer to get in,”  he said.