Dade County packs 2000 meals today for students


TRENTON, Georgia (WDEF) – The need for school lunches is in high demand now more than ever, as Covid19 shows no signs of slowing down.

Schools in Trenton, Georgia are making sure children have enough food to last them each week.

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Dade Elementary School prepared over two thousand meals today for its students.

Staff have created a system which allows each child two breakfasts and lunches available for pick-up or delivery on Mondays.

They then get three breakfasts and lunches on Wednesdays to carry them throughout the week.

Superintendent Dr. Jan Harris tells us “It’s been overwhelmingly positive and were proud that we are able to do that.”

“Teachers have volunteered to ride on school buses, and our board chair has ridden every single time. All the staff, we could not run our school system without our para-pros our office staff and support staff they have come in and helped to distribute those meals.”

All lunches are prepared by Dade para-professionals and each lunch comes with updated information on Covid-19.