Crown’s New Business Practices


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- The Crown dealership in Chattanooga is using environmental and consumer friendly business methods in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

New car buyers can test drive their next vehicle out of their own drive way.

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“We call it store to door. So we’re offering to bring the vehicles to the customers” said General Manager Ken Nichols.


It’s a social distance practice for people wanting to stay away from large crowds at dealership.


“We sanitize the vehicle when we leave with them and we sanitize the vehicle when the customer gets in the vehicle. We have gloves we have this little digger we have all the cleaners.”


Rearrangements were made inside the dealership, providing a safe space between employees and customers.


“We’ve realigned our whole showroom to maintain that 6 foot rule.”


All tight space offices are closed off as well.


Dealerships like Crown understands that Covid-19 outbreaks have set many Americans back financially which is why there are plans in place to accommodate future customers.


“The lenders now that we utilize are offering deferred payments. S if a customer does get behind then they’re able to call up and get I think up to 90 days deferred.”


Nichols says There are no payments required for 90 days and 0 percent interest if you purchase a car from crown.


“All the manufacturers realize it’s a tough time for the consumer. All the lenders are trying to make it so their is not a hardship on a person out there.”