9 Year old sets up a prayer wall for her neighborhood


LAFAYETTE, Georgia (WDEF) – A nine year old from Walker County has set up a prayer wall outside of her fence.

Bekah Birdsall has the details.

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9 year old, Chyanne Martin from Walker County set up a prayer wall outside of her fence to provide support for her neighbors and community.

“Because of the coronavirus, people need a lot, and don’t have many people to really help them pray, so I decided to make a wall so they are able to pray.”

Chyanne’s mom, Kisha suggested the phrase “faith over fear” which then led Chyanne to create a prayer request box right alongside the fence for anyone walking or driving by who needs it.

“We discussed what faith over fear meant and how when you have God’s faith, that he makes the fear go away.”

Kisha then shared her daughter’s idea on Facebook which touched hearts around the community.

Chyanne wants to permanently paint on her message and have a prayer request box year round.

“Come by my house and leave a prayer in my fence so I can pray for you, so I can make God stand over you.”

Anyone who wishes to send their prayer request to Chyanne, can do so at the corner of ColeRain and Daughtry Street in Walker County.

Reporting in Walker County, Bekah Birdsall News 12 Now.