Police Chief Roddy says you can report local businesses


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Police Chief David Roddy has posted a video talking about the new Coronavirus restrictions on Chattanooga businesses.

The mayor’s executive order this week closed businesses that cannot employ the six foot rule to serve customers, like hair and nail salons.

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“Your officers are an educational point right now, not an enforcement tool.”

He says there is a grace period now for the businesses where officers will just tell them what the rules are.

Chief Roddy says if you are concerned about what’s happening at a local business, you can report them.

“If you see a business or activity that is of concern, call the city number 311, that is set up to receive information from you, that is passed over to the police department. We are taking a look at that list every single day.. triaging what we can or should come out and address.. which businesses may not be in compliance so we can come out and have a conversation about what that means in our community.