Governor Kemp addresses state as Covid-19 cases climb


ATLANTA, Georgia (WDEF) – The Governor addressed the state this evening as the COVID-19 threat grows in Georgia.

Earlier in the day, Governor Brian Kemp ordered Georgia schools to remain closed through April 24.

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And public colleges and universities will close for the rest of the semester in favor of online instruction.

As his GPTV Town Hall began tonight, Georgia positive tests had risen to 1,643 with 56 deaths.

509 of the victims are hospitalized.

There are 33 cases from Calhoun and Rome north to Ringgold.

Georgia now has the 9th most positive tests in the country.

Hospitals are reporting that they are nearing capacity in their Intensive Care Units.

Governor Kemp’s message tonight was a challenge to Georgians.

“It’s going to be (up to) us, as Georgians, to beat this virus back. There’s no cure right now.. there’s no vaccine and it is up to all of us to get educated and to do our part to be victorious in this battle.”

But he offered hope.

“My case to Georgians tonight is if you help us stop the spread continue to fulfill the 15 days that the President and the Vice President and the National Task Force to stop the spread… if we can get our citizens to follow these directions it will absolutely turn this curve, we can get on the other side of this virus.”

Public Health Commissioner Dr. Kathleen Toomey says social distancing is working.

She points out the early breakout around Rome, Georgia that began in a church.

She says cases there have since leveled off after precautions were taken.

You can see the entire presentation here at the GPB website.