Can your pet contract the Coronavirus?


CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – Reports of a dog in Hong Kong testing positive for Coronavirus has some pet owners worried.

As of today, there have been no reports of American animals contracting COVID-19.

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However, pet owners all over are concerned about their furry friends.

Dr. Billy Pullen of Veterinary Care And Specialty Group says, “So, we really feel like the COVID-19 as it’s been called is an extremely low risk to probably no risk to pets. The risk of transmission from people to pets, we also fell its, cannot say an absolute zero but it is extremely low.”

In Asia, there were two positive cases of the Coronavirus in animals.

In both instances, the owner of the pet had previously tested positive for the virus.

The CDC says that practicing healthy habits around your pets or any animals is a always a good idea.

Chattanooga heart and lung surgeon Dr. Headrick says, “You probably ought to isolate your dog away from you just as the possibility that could be a mediator that transmits in the house. The CDC specifically recommends not sharing food with your pets if you are ill as well.”

Veterinary Care and specialty group are still open for business.

They have changed their daily operations to minimize their risk of staff and animal infection.

Dr. Pullen also says, “We are asking clients to remain in their cars, we’re trying to get all of the baseline information via the telephone before hand, then we’re coming out and doing curbside service so that we can bring them back to the hospital and perform all of the services there.”

It is suggested that people continue to love on their pets at a time like this.