DosBros (Cleveland)


Address: 4450 Frontage Rd
Cleveland, TN 37312

Hours: 11-9

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Services Offered: Pick Up, Delivery, Gift Card
Other Services:

Phone Number for Delivery or Pickup:
(423) 464-5196

Website for Purchasing Gift Card:

Additional Details: We know that we’re not the only ones going through a tough time. We’re not going to ask you to buy gift cards to use at a later date. We don’t expect anything in return for anything we’ve done in the past. You supported us and then we supported you, in that order.
We are no longer in business to make a profit. Our goal now is to minimize losses and keep as much of our staff as possible.
We realize that you’re on a budget too. So this is what we have come up with.
-Over 3/4 pounds of chicken
-1/2 pound of shredded cheese
-12 soft tortilla shells
-1 pound of black or pinto beans
-3/4 pounds brown or white rice
-Over a pound of chips
-Your choice of salsa
-Feeds up to 4 or more with plenty of left overs
-All items are packaged individually
-Call in or Order Online at

Stay strong everyone 💪❤️. The Bro’s are with you just like always.🤜