Quick tips and ways to cut costs while at home these next few weeks.


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – During this time many people are worried about the uncertainty of jobs and may be looking for ways to pinch pennies.

So with extra time on our hands, this may be the perfect time to look more closely at our finances and check ourselves for wasteful spending.

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One suggestion is to take out your bank statement from the previous month and check all the charges on it.

Now that most of us participate in online banking and automatic payments, a closer look may reveal charges we didn’t know we had.

Do you have a recurring charge for an app you no longer use?

Look for small, unnecessary fees on your account. Your bank could remove these.

When is the last time you comparison shopped for home and auto insurance?

 It’s so easy to go online or call to compare your current policy with other companies.

Maybe you can find a better price, or more coverage for the same price.

Taking a few moments and a closer look at your bills-might prove to be financially rewarding and overdue.