Chattanooga Red Wolves New CHI Memorial Stadium Begins to Take Shape


Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) It’s certainly a bummer that the Chattanooga Red Wolves season has been postponed until mid-May because of the coronavirus, but the delay is giving the team more time to build their new CHI Memorial Stadium. The structure is starting to take shape in East Ridge.

The bulldozers are rolling at the Red Wolves stadium site near the split.
General manager Sean McDaniel says the venue will go up in phases.
Said McDaniel:”Like anything that is developed over time, the stadium is no different. We will see it go up before our very eyes, even when we’re in there playing soccer. As long as we have stands, lights, turf, and beer, I think we’ll be good to go.”
Also helps that the Red Wolves new turf will come from Dalton.
Said McDaniel:”The fact that we are close by and in close proximity to some of the best turf in the world is manufactured. It really helps us expedite things.”
This will be the first soccer only venue in the state of Tennessee.
Said McDaniel:”It’s the entire ambiance in and around it. That includes again a self pour beer wall. It includes a kid zone where you can literally have your kids be entertained while the match is going on. The jumbo tron, which is not just a scoreboard with electric numbers. It’s a piece of the venue.”
Besides the amenities, what’s different about a soccer only stadium.
Said McDaniel:”The proximity to the action. The fans are literally right on top of the field. It’s really modeled over what happens in the Premiere League over in England and other European leagues. We have field level suites that are coming, and the seating is right next to the field.”
McDaniel can’t wait to see the entire finished product.
Said McDaniel:”And it isn’t just the Red Wolves who will be in the stadium. All of the other games, events, and concerts that will drive traffic to be in that venue. Our hope is that it becomes ‘Soccer City USA’, and I think it is being built that way right now.”