Hixson Elementary School PE teacher creates workout videos


HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — A physical education teacher at Hixson Elementary School is coming up with a creative way to make sure kids stay active while school is out.

Francesa Sadler’s kids are taking part in Coach Aaron Wood’s workout videos. He is her daughter’s PE teacher at Hixson Elementary School.

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“I thought it was pretty cool. Something to get the kids up and going and continue to do something besides staying and sitting around all the time,” Sadler said.

It is now part of their routine.

“They get up they eat breakfast and after they finish then my two oldest and my little baby come in here and I turn it on and they get to gym class,” Sadler said.

Coach Wood says he got the idea from his wife. His videos include everything from unicorn costumes to toilet paper workouts.

People are tuning in. His first video has more than 90 thousand views.

Courtesy: Ashley Mew

“It’s been a lot of fun, all of the love and support that everyone is showing. But I just have to give credit to everyone that is doing it and being engaged especially parents. It is so awesome to see parents doing it with their kids and posting it and being engaged because I feel like not only is this helping people stay active, but it is helping families make memories,” Wood said.

He hopes everyone takes away his message.

“The big three things I always tell my kids is, ‘Hey I want you to learn something new, I want you to exercise, but most importantly ladies and gentleman I want you to have fun,'” Wood said.

As for Sadler, she is thankful.

“It is just good that it is you know something to get the kids mind and the adults minds off of everything that is going on and keep up the good work Coach Wood,” Sadler said.

If you would like to watch Coach Wood’s videos, click here.