Students get food and resources while school is closed


HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — Hamilton County Schools are making sure students have access to the right resources while they are home.

Cars lined up as lunches got delivered to students at Rivermont Elementary School.

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Across Hamilton County, there are drive through and pick up services for breakfast and lunch. This is to make sure students won’t go hungry while school is out because of coronavirus.

TaJuana Mitchell’s grandchildren took advantage of it.

“This is a wonderful time for something positive to be done with all of the negativity and all of the seriousness that is going on right now,” Mitchell said.

Grandparents appreciate the gesture.

“I think this is what these school teachers are doing, devoting their time to making someone’s life just a little bit better and I just think especially children that are in need. So if you are in need just get out and walk up to a school and this is wonderful,” Mitchell said.

Inside students are picking up work packets and chrome books.

“We are moving to a new way of doing things so parents and students need to have access to those things. So both the Chrome Books, our students in grades 3, 5, that is a normal part of their learning every day,” said Jill Evans, principal at Rivermont Elementary School.

The principal says they are figuring out what the learning will look like.

“Teachers will be available anytime during the school day, but we are trying to move towards where students will be able to see their teacher and hear their teacher. A part of this support we are providing is part of our job, just the academic piece. We don’t want them to lose out on their instructional learning, but we also want to make sure we are providing the emotional support,” Evans said.

They are taking one day at a time.

“I feel we are all pulling together to make it the best we can,” Evans said.

For a list of the food pick-up locations, click here.