Golden Apple: Jill Wilson


LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, Georgia (WDEF) – Jill Wilson wants to make sure her students have the tools they need to succeed.

Wilson is a 1st grade teacher at Fairyland Elementary School.

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Her dedication and positive reinforcement are helping her students.

Principal Jeremy Roerdink says her work is being noticed.

“She’s done an outstanding job, continues to do an outstanding job every day with our kids. She builds relationships two kids. Meets them exactly where they are. Builds relationships with kids. Loves kids and that’s a big reason why, I think it’s a big reason why she got nominated for this award.”

Wilson knows her students very well, and is not only their teacher, but gives the kids guidance.

“Well, I think that it is a calling for sure. I wouldn’t say that everyone should happen into a classroom. It can be some of the hardest days, but some of the most rewarding days.”

Wilson enjoys having an impact on the lives of her students.

That’s why she has earned this week’s Golden Apple Award.