Boyd Buchanan Basketball Team Embraces Warrior Culture


Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) After going to state tournament in 20-14 the Boyd Buchanan basketball team fell on hard times, going four straight years without a winning record.
Then new head coach Josh Templeton came on board two years ago, and the Bucs have responded with back-to-back 20 win seasons.

To toughen up the Bucs, head coach Josh Templeton started showing his team boxing matches.
Said Templeton:”I think at first they were probably like what is going on here? You can’t just watch two guys leave it all on the line in a ring. One-on-one. Getting their face punched. Getting knocked down. Getting back up. It’s inspiring.”
Said senior Preston Edmondson:”I thought it was awesome. I’m a fan of boxing. I’m kind of an outside fan. I don’t really pay too much attention, but I’ll see some cool stuff. I enjoy it. I thought it was really cool. I mean it brought a different kind of aspect to it.”
Templeton may not have given his guys boxing robes, but he did give them warm-up shirts proclaiming a Warrior Culture.
Said Jacob Oliver:”Basically it’s just. When something doesn’t go your way, you don’t pout. You stay good. You move on. Like a warrior would. You go all out no matter what.”
Said Templeton:”It’s amazing what guys are capable of doing when you start believing in them. And even more amazing when they start believing in themselves.”
Said Edmondson:”You’re down eight in the first quarter. You’ve got to find a way to battle back. Like in the boxing ring. I mean you’ve got to find a way to battle back and battle through adversity.”
Bucs have achieved quite a bit the last two seasons, including a number one ranking this year.
Said Templeton:”I think we’re a little more dangerous this year because we are more balanced. We have more guys that can put the ball in the basket, as they’ve done a lot of work to get themselves in that position. Defensively, I mean we’re just kind of built to guard.”
Said Oliver:”Our goal this year is to try and win the whole thing. Just go out and fight as hard as we can. If we fall short, we fall short. We’ve got to leave it all out there.”