Early Voting begins in Tennessee for Super Tuesday


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Early voting starts today, and those who are registered have a chance to avoid the lines during the standard voting period.

Voters have the chance to cast their ballots at the election commission office, the Brainerd Rec Center, The Hixson Community Center or the Municipal building in Collegedale.

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Each location is also providing sample ballots.

If you are not yet registered for early voting, you have missed the deadline.

For those who are registered, administrators encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity.

Kerry Steelman is the Administrator of Elections in Hamilton County.

“Really try to take advantage that time frame because again like we saw on Saturday. This past Saturday with the snow. You never know what’s going to happen on an election day.So certainly you have this 13 day period you can go, cast a ballot and not be concerned that you have an unexpected or unanticipated emergency or weather event on election day.”

The early voting period ends on Tuesday, February 25th.

Alabama and North Carolina are also part of Super Tuesday on March 3rd.

Early voting begins in North Carolina on Thursday.

Alabama does not allow early voting.

The state of Georgia is no longer part of Super Tuesday.

After the last Presidential elections, the state moved back it’s primary to March 24th.