Residents of Mobile Home Park off Signal Mtn. Blvd. Temporarily Displaced by Mudslide


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Residents from several units at a mobile home park on Signal Mountain Boulevard were told to stay out of their homes today after a couple of mud slides knocked out power.

Rains triggered two morning mudslides at a mobile home park across from the Subway restaurant that was demolished by a mudslide last year.
The mudslides knocked out power, and put some 8 families out of their homes.

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Chattanooga Fire Department’s Daniel Hague says the City’s Office of Land Development came out to inspect the area.

“One of the things that they’re having to do is come back and take some trees off the side of the hill to try to take some of the – some of the pressure off the hill,” said Daniel Hague, Chief Special Operations for Chattanooga Police Department.

Last year, when the focus was on the Subway across the street, on this side of Signal Mountain Boulevard, a smaller mudslide sent a tree down the slope onto the home next door to Damien Langford.

“The next door neighbors, the little girls had been asleep and the tree had came down the hill and hit the back of the trailer, and it scared them, so they came running over next door and got us,” said Damien Langford, resident of Edmonds Properties.

After that incident, a barrier was installed behind that unit. But now Langford worries about their safety.

“I feel like it’s just going to be worse the next time, because, how it’s gotten, it just keeps pitching away, taking away piece by piece, eventually there’s not going to be nothing to hold it back,” said Langford.

The landlord is paying to remove trees that might endanger the homes.

“We’ve been very nervous going to sleep, several times whenever it storms, and we see that hillside start washing, it gets, it gets nerve wracking,” said Langford.

Inspectors from the City’s Land Development Office will determine in the next few weeks whether or not those units are still safe to occupy. But they’re told they should be safe for tonight.