Joel Sartore creates a Photo Ark for all Aquarium & Zoo species


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A National Geographic Photographer spoke at the Tennessee Aquarium today about is project to document threatened species.

Joel Sartore is creating the Photo Ark Project.

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He has spent the last 14 years shooting pictures of every species living in a zoo or aquarium all around the world.

He estimates he will have around 12,000 creatures when he is through.

The reason is get them before they are gone.

So Sartore was in Chattanooga today taking more photos and speaking to Aquarium patrons about protecting wildlife.

“I would just encourage people to do this. If you care about nature and want to support efforts than they should come to the Tennessee Aquarium and the zoo here locally. Because both places are breeding critically endangered animals and educating the public to our role in the world and how to make it better. Places to support.”

You can check out the Photo Ark here. Rove through the photo gallery and then click on the image to learn more about the species and how numerous they are.