Victims identified in Jackson County Park boat fire


SCOTTSBORO, Alabama (WDEF) – The coroner of Jackson County has identified the eight victims in the boat fire on Monday.

As we reported last night, they include six members of the same family from Sand Mountain.

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Grace Annette Watson Miles (40)

Christopher Zane Long (19)

Bryli Anniston Long (16)

Trayden Dominic Miles (10)

Kesston Damian Miles (9)

Dezli Nicole Miles (7)

The family was living on a houseboat. Only father & husband Joe Miles survived.

The other victims are 38 year old Amanda Foster and 54 year old Yancey Ferrell Roper.

Officials say there are no more missing people.

Divers were back in the water today trying to identify the boat that investigators believe may have been the start of the fire.

The boat they pulled out yesterday turned out not to be the one they were after.

There are a couple of 40-45 foot long boats that floated into the lake and sank.

The team needs to pull the right one out before they proceed with recovering any of the other vessels.

The process to get them all out could take weeks.

There are two investigations now into how the fire began.

pre-fire satellite image of boat dock from Google