Homicide Suspect Charged


HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- Hamilton County Sheriff’s office held a press conference Saturday morning after capturing a suspect involved in a homicide investigation.

That suspect is Sanel Durakovic. The 25 year old is charged with first degree murder and placed on a 250,000 dollar bond.

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“The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office detectives were able to charge an individual in the death of the one Patrick Godwin, who was accosted in his front yard about three weeks ago and was shot to death.”, said Sheriff Jim Hammond.

Neighbors describe the chaos as violence erupted.

“I heard two gunshots, close range and a car speeding off. going up the hill and coming back down quickly -fast.”, said Tony Rose a nearby neighbor. “It was a black I think it was a four door honda.”

“I come out of the house after the incident happened. My wife had heard a noise; Thought a car crashed and the police vehicles stared started screaming into the subdivision.”, said Luther Cocher, another nearby neighbor.

The tragic shooting caused neighbors to be unsettled and worried as Godwin lost his life that dramatic night. Saturday morning, a calm and peaceful presence in the neighborhood following the news of the arrest. Cocher and Rose said this situation is uncommon

“The first time anything like this has happened and lived here since ’91.”, said Cocher.

“It’s very, very strange for it to happen here.”, said Rose.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Jim Hammond said the act of violence was an isolated event and the Horseshoe Bend community shouldn’t stress over the concern for their safety. “This appears to be a random issue. We want to put an ease to neighbors in that area. ”

Rose and Cocher he will be remembered for the good person he was and through his children.

While his family has the community’s support going forward.

“Patrick is a great guy that I knew of.”, said Rose.

“There’s plenty of support in the neighborhood for the family and we’ll just have to wait and see and go from there.”, said Cocher.

Authorities say there’s a possibility the event is a domestic issue.

The investigation is still on-going.