Students Call An “Audible” On Traditional Books


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Students in Hamilton County are getting a little extra help with their reading.

That’s thanks to a program called “Audible,” that allows readers to better comprehend and experience their favorite books.

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Hamilton County schools were given 18-thousand free subscriptions for the school year.

Friday, Collegiate High School students explain the impact the program has made on their education.

“There’s a lot of variety to choose from. And we know that they’re all approved by the school so it’s safe to read them.”, says Collegiate High School student Rachel Young.

Angela Karnes, an English teacher at Collegiate High School, believes Audible offers plenty of tools to help her students learn, “So when they’re at home they can listen to audible. They hear the narration of the book. They can actually see the words it’s being read.”

She says, “they can even click on links to take them to Wikipedia articles or click on vocabulary words for definitions as they’re listening along.”

“Audible has impacted me a lot because I struggle to understand I’m reading. And I found what’s helpful is writing down notes or marking key or important facts that will help me out later in the book or when we come back to school for testing.”, said Collegiate student Ashleigh Savly.

For some students Audible is a great way to save time.

“I’m a really busy person and with audible you can to it in the car or when you’re getting ready for school in the morning. Or while you’re doing other things, so, it’s really a time saver for me.”, said Rachel.

The days of having to travel all the way to the library just to check out a book is long gone. Now students can check out hundreds of books anytime, anywhere, straight from the palm of their hands.

“If you have like a lot of homework or if you go out with family. You’re going out to eat dinner. Shopping. You can just do it in the car on the way. It takes no extra steps or time, which is great because you want to keep school at school and you want to be with your family at home.”, said Collegiate’s Diego Allen.

For Sophia Harris, it takes a load off her back.

“When I have a traditional book hands on book, I would have to carry it with me. Normally I would have a bag with me but instead Audible is on my phone, my tablet, my computer. So if I just have my phone on me and I have nothing to do I just pull up Audible and read a book.”, said Sophia.