Police find drugs and stolen guns at Signal Mountain short term rental property


SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, Tenn. (WDEF) — After Signal Mountain police responded to a call about a fight, they found dozens of people, a small amount of drugs and stolen guns. Investigators say some of the people are gang members. It all happened at a short term rental property.

It is all quiet on South Street, but that was not the case on Friday night. Signal Mountain Police were called to a home for a fight. When they arrived they say they smelled marijuana and there were signs of an altercation on the back deck. When they got inside they found dozens of people.

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“We are continuing to investigate and verify and identify who was there. We know that there were several of them that are gang members talking to the Chattanooga Officers that came to the scene,” Chief Mike Williams said.

Officers found drugs, 8 guns, three which were reported stolen ,and a stolen car in the driveway.

Chief Williams says the home is a short term rental property.

“They had rented that house as an Airbnb for the night and of course the people who rented it had no idea what was going to take place. But they came to the scene and were very helpful as well. Had a lot of potential to go really bad, but fortunately it worked out,” Chief Williams said.

Different agencies helped out.

“This is a prime example of why mutual aid response is so beneficial because we only had three officers working and they had 29 people there that we knew that some of them had criminal records and were gang affiliated. So it was way past our capability at that point to deal with that many people. So the response from Chattanooga and Hamilton County was as it always is, excellent,” Chief Williams said.

So far one person was arrested on a warrant for robbery out of Georgia, but investigators expect more arrests.

“The volume of the information and the evidence of the people that we were trying to process was kind of overwhelming to start with. So it has taken a few days to get it all sorted out and identify the folks and we will go forward with it as the information comes back,” Chief Williams said.

The guns were taken to the Chattanooga Police Department’s firearm’s unit for processing.

The drugs will be sent to a lab for identification.