GPS students have “day of service” on MLK Day


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Students from across our area took time out on Martin Luther King, Junior day for a “day of service.”

Students from G.P.S. headed to the Bethlehem Center to make crafts, to dance and have fun.

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But they also learned some important lessons as well.

Shari Watson is the Marketing Manager at the Bethlehem Center.

“I think it is important that it’s happening today. I know it was important to Dr. Martin Luther King to just bring reconciliation between two different races. We have a lot of hurt in our past. So I think this is a great way starting with the younger kids so that they can grow up to see, okay, because of our skin tone is different, you are not that much different than I am.”

Erin Marshall is a student at G.P.S.

She thinks this was a good idea.

“At G.P.S., we are predominantly white, and I think them being involved in understanding that like, there are other people, and not just one race. And we’re not going to be divided and the future is going to be equal.”

Students say it was great to give back, and learning.

That’s a lesson they think Dr. King would approve.