Project Voice brings minds together to pitch the future of voice technology


“For the next three days the Chattanooga Convention Center transforms into a tech lovers dream, with Project Voice being at the center. Over two-thousand people from all across the country will be right here to talk about voice and technology and how they can advance that for the future.”

Tech developers say Project Voice gives valuable insights about voice technology and artificial intelligence.

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“As technology evolves it would become voice driven or what we like to call voice first and that’s what we are seeing and that’s what this conference is all about. Is what can voice do for technology, what is it doing right now, and what can we expect in the future.”

The three day conference teaches the best practices, and discovers ways to utilize voice tech across different markets.

Companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Mercedes Benz and others participate in the event, and its more than 100 educational sessions.

“Now for the first time we have a voice assistant that you can talk pretty naturally too. So for example you can say I’m cold and it will bump up the temperature. This is really just the beginning, we think that in the future we will be able to talk really naturally without even thinking how do talk to a computer. You just say what you want and the car figures out what to do.”

Project Voice also offers the opportunity for students who are interested in tech fields the ability to attend Thursday’s conference for free.

Reporting in Chattanooga, Taylor Bishop News 12 Now.