Panel discusses reparations for slavery


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The 50th annual Martin Luther King Week Celebration is underway in Chattanooga.

There is an event nearly everyday this week.

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On Tuesday night, there was a panel discussion on reparations for slavery at the Westside Baptist Church.

Four people sat on the panel at the event tonight.

They took questions on their support of reparations and gave suggestions how it might be implemented.

Chattanooga native Marie Mott was one of the four people on the panel.

“It is very, very important that our country at various levels of government and various communities acknowledge what has happened to African Americans so we can stop the process of repairing not only a relationship, but actually have the damages done to us as a people be addressed,” Mott said.

On a local level, Mott says one of the things she would like to see is mental health services in the African American community and comprehensive health services.

The Unity Group of Chattanooga organizes MLK week every year.