Golden Apple: Rodney English


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Students at Orchard Knob Middle School have someone special they can turn to for help.

Rodney English is not only a teacher, but he’s a mentor to the young men at school.

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Principal Tiffany Earvin says English is making an impact.

“He spends quality time with them here at school, just trying to help them become, help boys become men.”

English is new to the staff at the school.

But he’s been teaching for 20 years.

“You have to set the example for our young people every single day. There is nothing like seeing that ‘aha’ come across a kids face when they really understand it. And especially when they fight you, about understanding it. When they try and tell you it’s not important and it won’t help them and you still see that ‘aha’ come across their face.”

English says the students at Orchard Knob Middle school need encouragement and some patience.

He’s winning those kids over, one student at a time.