Cyclebar Chatt also helps the community


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A local cycling studio is giving back to the community.

In Wednesday night’s six o’clock class, cyclists AT “CycleBar Chatt” will volunteer to donate a dollar per mile to help Girls Inc.

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Several of the ladies from Girls Inc. as well as some board members, will get to also participate in the ride.

You can reserve a bike with their online app, Ride CycleBar.

The first ride is free.

Instructor Amy Walters says “Part of why they love Cyclebar is because they know, there’s a philanthropic element that – that’s why they come, that’s what energizes us, there’s a passion that’s more than just about themselves and the workout, it’s about – we can also give back while we’re sweating and making ourselves healthier, so we encourage the riders to do that – to do that and then we see a big return from them.”

The class to benefit Girls Inc. is already booked.

But if you’d still like to help out the organization, you can donate at the Girl’s Inc. website.