Chattahooligans loose their Gameday gear in a trailer theft


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – One of the biggest fan groups in Chattanooga has suffered a great loss.

Thieves stole a trailer holding gameday supplies for the Chattahooligans.

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That includes their grill, warming dishes, plates and utensils, some merchandise and even their banners.

The Chattahooligans are a collective of soccer fans in our area that renamed Finley Stadium “Fort Finley” when they support the Chattanooga FC.

The trailer was stolen from behind the Chattanooga Brewing Company last week.

The loss is around $18,000.

Chattanooligan Andrew Bresee told us “We don’t have near the amount of money just being quite frank in the bank to replace the merchandise that we lost. So we will have to reassess how we’ll go forward. How we’re going to remake that stuff and it’ll be a group effort and a team effort but you know, I think we’ll come out of this stronger.”

The group asks the public to look for the trailer or any re-sell venues that might see the stolen goods, and tell police.

“If you want to help you can jump on there and we could take plastic tables you’re no longer using or an old grill or whatever, if you just are so moved. But the best things you could do is show up in the first weeks of March, when we are showing up to support the Chattanooga Football Club and support them with us.”

from the Chattahooligans