TECH BYTE: Top Tech Gifts for Your Holiday Wish List


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Christmas is right around the corner!

Best Buy’s Nathan Roach says a lot of their customers are buying tech items to help with home security this holiday season.

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They’re getting video doorbells, and additional cameras for their homes.

“Security systems in the old days, you had to get someone to come in and install it,” Roach said. “You had to have a landline phone. Now you’re able to do it all from a cell phone connection, which makes it very easy and convenient for most everybody.”

Roach says you have a lot of brands to choose from – like SimpliSafe, Ring, and Nest.

“All of these can work in conjunction with your existing cameras, or you can add cameras to them, and they do everything that traditional alarm systems would do, but it’s something that you can install yourself,” he said.

And you can monitor everything from your phone.

“You’ll get alerts,” Roach said. “If somebody were to open your door, you’ll get an alert. You’ll be able to see people on the camera. You’ll be able to see them through your video doorbell. It really makes it just super easy.”

Voice assistants like the Google Home Hub and Amazon Alexa are other popular items people are shopping for.

“These can do a multitude of different things – everything from being able to pull up a recipe. You can even create a shared photo album that you can send to friends and family. A lot of people are getting their mother or grandmother these assistants, and then you can even share photos to them, to where they can always have the most up to date photos of your family.”

Apple AirPods are another hot gift this year for someone who loves to listen to music.

Roach says they’re having trouble keeping them in stores.

“You have the standard version, which will have either a standard charging case, or the wireless charging case, and then now, that’s new for this year is the AirPod Pros,” Roach said. “Those are a tough item to get right now, but they are still orderable, and they give you true noise canceling, which is really unheard of in most small headphones.”

If they’re sold out, Roach says you can still order them through the store, or online.

Best Buy has free shipping on everything this holiday season.

Roach says you can get some of these items through Best Buy’s 12 Days of Deals.

It’s happening until December 20.

To see which deals you can take advantage of, just go to