SEC’s Best Offense Against SEC’s Best Defense in League Title Game


LSU has the second best scoring offense in the nation.
Georgia has the second best scoring defense in the nation.
Something has to give when they clash for the SEC title.

Said Georgia head coach Kirby Smart:”It’s as explosive a team as I have probably ever watched on tape.”
Said LSU head coach Ed Orgeron:”I do believe we have some players like Joe Burrow. He’s great under pressure. He wants the pressure.”
Reporter:”Got to be a challenging task with Burrow?”
Said Smart:”Everything you want a quarterback to be. Athletic. Keep his eyes down field. Poise in the pocket. Movement in the pocket. Athleticism to run. Scramble. Make all the throws. I mean the guy stands in there and takes hits left and right, and he does it with confidence and poise.”
Reporter:”What makes Clyde Edwards-Helaire so difficult to play against?”
Said Smart:”Baller. I mean he is a football playing machine. When they cut out a running back. They say this is going to be a running back. This guy is as explosive quickness, short-are quickness. He makes the best football tacklers in our conference miss.”
Said Orgeron:”Nobody thought that he would have the great year that he has had. I thought he would be a good back. No question about that, but I think he has exceeded all of our expectations except Clyde’s expectations.”
Said Smart:”We don’t really have natural star-power on our defense that a lot of defenses I’ve been apart of that were successful had that. They had three or four first rounders. This group play really hard and well together. They’re well coached and fundamentally sound.”
Said Orgeron:”They play the 4-3, and they bring that number 99 in that weighs about 330-pounds. I’m sure that’s a light day for him, and he knocks everybody back, and let’s those linebackers run. I think the thing when you watch the Georgia Bulldogs. It has been ever since I’ve been in football. They get eleven helmets to the football. This is going to be a battle. It’s supposed to be for the SEC Championship.”

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The game kicks at 4pm in Atlanta, and it will be televised on News 12 Now