Mom To Mom – How To Make Banana Sushi


Today on Mom to Mom we’re going to teach you how to make a fun, healthy snack your kids are going to go bananas for.

Today on Mom to Mom we’re going to teach you how to make banana sushi. The first thing that’s going to happen when your kids get home from school is they’re probably going to run to that pantry and grab some pretty unhealthy snacks for themselves, whether it’s salty or just junk in general. We like to offer healthier options, something that has protein, carbs and something to fill their little bellies to hold them over till dinner time. That’s why we’ve got banana sushi, just four ingredients. That’s all you need.

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I have a wheat tortilla. You can use a flour one if you choose, but again, we want to do the healthier option. Then of course we have almond butter, which is a substitute to peanut butter but healthier. And then you’re going to take the Nutella, which is extremely healthy, it’s a healthier option than just chocolate in general because it’s made of a hazelnut and cocoa, and kids love it. And then we’re going to take our banana, and then we’re going to break the banana in half. Stick it on the tortilla and then roll it tightly, as tight as you can possibly get it. And then the fun part. We make sushi.

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