Winds shred tent at Charlie’s BBQ on Main Street


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A Bar-B-Que Restaurant on Main Street lost its outdoor dining tent to high winds in the recent storms.

Charlie’s Bar-B-Que only has seating for 25 inside the restaurant, so the tent and picnic tables served as an overflow area.

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The tent would cost twelve hundred dollars to replace, so the owners say they plan to move forward earlier than they had planned, in building a permanent structure to replace the tent.

Owner Elizabeth St. Clair tells us “We were closed from Thursday until today, but apparently, I guess sometime Saturday or Sunday night, there were some high winds and storms, and I remember thinking, ‘It’s is pretty big winds!’, but I never thought about the tent, so we came in yesterday and it was just shredded.”

Charlie’s will remain open while the repairs and done.