A Lasting Impression


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- A Tennessee Music Pathways marker is now displayed outside of the Bessie Smith Cultural Center. A thumbnail honoring the singing group that mesmerized the world through there music.

“The songs that Fred Cash, Sam Gooden, Arthur Brooks, Richard Brooks, Jerry Butler and Curtis Mayfield made have moved countless hearts and souls.”, said Chattanooga Mayor Andy Burke.

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“You people are what makes this event so meaningful.”, said Rep. Yusuf Hakeem, D-Chattanooga as he was at the podium.

The unveiling this morning was a flattering display of appreciation but  Cheaa Mayfield,  son of the late Curtis Mayfield, who is one of the founding members of the group, says this salute is long overdue.

Cheaa Mayfield: “It’s been almost 20 years since his passing and it’s really good to see the recognition he’s getting for his music and all of the songs he wrote for The Impressions.”

And now, the legacy of the Chattanooga’s own have a powerful impression on not only the city but the people closest to them.

One of the founding members of the group, Sam Gooden, said, “It’s something that my kids and grand kids can walk can walk by and they can see. Something they can remember when I’m gone and away from here.”

And Fred Cash is still in awe of their rise to the top; “We sold some 70 million records. That’s pretty good for some little boys from Chattanooga Tennessee that used to sit on the corner and sing”

But now they still grace this earth with their polarizing star power.

Cash had an important message before he left the building.

“Keep on pushing.”