Experts give advice for Cyber Monday shoppers


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Instead of going to the stores, people in the Tennessee Valley and across the country are going online to do their shopping.

With a click of a mouse, orders go through and items are delivered on this Cyber Monday.

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Over at the Better Business Bureau, Jim Winsett says be prepared for distractions when shopping online.

“You are going to get a lot of pop ups and a lot of promotion offers and those types of things and keep in mind what your budget is and you are trying to stay align to what that is,” Winsett said.

According to experts, there are ways to protect yourself.

“You want to make sure that you are shopping with legitimate sites and brand names that you are familiar with really. You want to watch out for fishing type emails that could take you to a link or a location that you are not familiar with,” Winsett said.

When checking out, experts suggest you pay with a credit card.

“Keeping in mind the credit card company will help you if you have disputes or issues after the fact. If you use a debit card then that money transfer is going to take place right away and you are not going to get assistance with that at that time,” Winsett said.

There are also ways to make sure your information isn’t compromised.

“You want to look at that URL address and make sure that the s, the https is there indicating that the security is turned on correctly and you also have a little padlock that is either down in the right hand corner or the left hand corner as well, indicating that the site is secure,” Winsett said.

This is all in an effort to make sure you get what you ordered.

Last year on Cyber Monday, shoppers spent a record-breaking $7.9 billion on online purchases.