UTC Searching For A Suspect After Suspicious Activity


CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – UTC police department says that they are searching for man after a report of suspicious activity on campus Friday.

In a tweet, the police department said that a student was walking from Stacey Town Center to West Campus Housing when a gold-colored Mercedes sedan started following the student.

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According to officials, the driver was described as a man of Middle Eastern origin with a short beard.

A woman saw the incident and offered the student a ride.

The Mercedes then followed the woman and the student.

UTC says they gave given the description of the suspicious vehicle and driver to Chattanooga Police Department.

If you have information, about the incident contact the UTC Police Department.

UTC wants students and all members of the campus community to remember that they can contact UTC Police anytime for a ride or an officer escort.

You can view all of these tweets here.