Chattanooga Red Wolves Hire Jimmy Obleda as New Head Coach


Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) The Chattanooga Red Wolves went 10-8-10 in their inaugural season, and they barely missed out on the playoffs.
Now a new coach will try to make Chattanooga a bigger winner in year two.
The club introduced Jimmy Obleda as their new coach today, replacing Tim Hankinson.
Obleda was a successful youth soccer coach in California, and he brings that youthful excitement.

When you have a zest and zeal for soccer like Jimmy Obleda, it’s easy to get noticed.
Said Red Wolves General Manager Sean McDaniel:”The owner of our club Bob Martino knew coach Obleda through some youth soccer circles out on the west coast and was immediately drawn to Jimmy’s energy and passion for the game. And not just the game, but energy and passion for people.”
Said Obleda:”We are going to get after it, and our team is, not to exaggerate, bleed and die for the badge.’
Said Red Wolves player Steven Beattie:”It’s exciting times. The enthusiasm you can hear from coach is very good. Matches me-self so.”
Reporter:”What are you most excited about next year?”
Said Obleda:”Probably walking out in that stadium. That’s probably going to be the highlight. It’s going to be a full stadium that day. If people want to get tickets, I would suggest getting tickets early.”
Apparently Obleda knows marketing.
Besides inheriting a new stadium, maybe he’ll inherit a good team as well.
Said Red Wolves player Richard Dixon:”Team obviously has announced some veteran players coming back, so looking from having that core group of players leading the team with the addition of some good, young, talented players coming in.”
Added Beattie:”I think now next year is really time to take off with the new facility. Now we have an actual fan base. We’re not the new boys anymore.”
Reporter:”What’s your favorite thing about Chattanooga so far?”
Said Obleda:”Wings at 1885. (laughter) The wings are like. Dang these wings are amazing, and I realize that Chattanooga is a soccer crazy town, and it’s awesome. It’s awesome.”