The Grateful Gobbler Walk, The Maclellan Shelter, and a Thankful Family


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- For the past 20 years, the Grateful Gobbler Walk has been a Thanksgiving tradition in the Hamilton County Community.

Allowing residents and visitors the opportunity to walk, roll, stroll and donate to The Maclellan Shelter for Families, who in turn, has benefited over 600 families since December of 2014.

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The Maclellan Shelter is the first of its kind in Chattanooga. It offers families a stable environment and also prevents them from being separated in a time of need.

Annie Pino, a former Maclellan resident, says she’s grateful for the opportunity, as it has changed her life:

“It was tough at first, you find yourself a person that has never been homeless or been in a shelter. You’re thinking this is over, I’m done.”

But she wasn’t done, because during her stay at Maclellan, Annie started making all the right moves to better her life and her family’s.

“I started going to church. I started getting my paper work done for the housing and three months later we moved in here.”

And now she can focus on being a mom, and getting her kids through school. Thanks to Maclellan, another one of Annie’s family members was able to come back home.

Her dog.

“I have Bella back now.”

Annie is enjoying life with her family and now she’s giving thanks to where it all started.

“Maclellan Shelter gave me hope and they gave me my life back. When I hear about the Grateful Gobbler, I was like I want to anything I can to help them back. They gave me my life back. They gave me a better life now than what I had before.”

The Maclellan Shelter has provided a safe haven to over 2-thousand men, women and children. Offering meals, case management and job training.