Coach Kirby Smart talks about connection to Ringgold’s Chamberlain Smith


ATHENS, Georgia (WDEF) – University of Georgia Kirby Smart describes the play when photographer Chamberlain Smith was run over by a player as “a very scary moment.”

The football coach led off his Monday press conference wishing the Ringgold native well.

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Smith is a photography intern who shoots for the team.

In the Auburn game on Saturday, running back Brian Herrien ran into the sideline and hit her as she was on one knee getting the shot.

She was knocked unconscious, and taken off the field in a cart.

Smith was released from the hospital Saturday evening.

On Sunday, she posted that she suffered a concussion and some bruises, and will be recovering for awhile at home.

Coach Kirby said “We want to wish her well and thank her for all the work she does.  She does a tremendous job.”