Chattanooga Lookouts Make Preliminary List of MILB Teams to be Contracted


Major league baseball is looking to save money by possibly cutting ties with several minor league teams, including the Chattanooga Lookouts according to one media report.

The New York Times says one proposal has roughly 40 minor league teams on the chopping block, including the Lookouts. The current contract between the majors and minor league teams runs out after the 2020 season, so Lookouts owner Jason Freier knows there’s still plenty of negotiations ahead.

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Said Freier:”It is our hope that this is as preliminary as we have been led to believe it is, and that once people step back and take a broader look at it, everyone is going to realize that depriving markets of professional baseball is just not a good idea and one that doesn’t benefit anyone. Even if somehow or another, major league baseball against everyone’s better judgement, forced a contraction of a quarter of the teams down to 120 teams, we still think that again, in any sensible world, Chattanooga is still within that 120 that get to keep baseball.”