Chattanooga Lookouts on list of minor league teams the MLB could cut


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Major League Baseball is proposing to change or cut more than 40 minor league teams, which could impact the Chattanooga Lookouts.

The General Manager of the Lookouts, Rich Mozingo, says they had a great season.

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“We finished in the top half of the league in attendance. We are right in the middle of the league geographically speaking. We are an easy travel city. For something like this to come out it really did shock us as well,” Mozingo said.

The MLB is proposing to reduce the number of minor league teams. The Lookouts are on the list of ones that could be impacted.

“If you know our facility, our facility does lack in some of the things they are looking for. So facility upgrades, I can see where that part might have been a concern for them,” Mozingo said.

Mozingo says it would be hard to imagine Chattanooga without baseball.

“We are kind of the fabric of this community. The people keep showing up. We average over 3,500 fans every single night this year,” Mozingo said.

He’s not sure if the MLB is doing this to save money.

“A lot of jobs, a lot of minor league baseball jobs will be lost because of this. A lot of minor league baseball jobs will be lost because of this on the players side and that will be a savings for them, but when you put what they spend of a team in Chattanooga versus what they spend of a first basemen in Cincinnati it pales in comparison. There will be a little bit of money savings for them, but I think it is really about what their players are going through through the course of the summer,” Mozingo said.

He’s optimistic and says fans shouldn’t worry at this point

“Very preliminary stages of this right now. I really can’t see a time where baseball is not going to be in Chattanooga. I feel very confident that we will workout and be on the correct side when this ends up, but there are a lot of hills and valleys that are going to come between here and there,” Mozingo said.

Chattanooga has had a baseball presence since 1885.