Mueller expansion into Marion County bringing 320 jobs


KIMBALL, Tennessee (WDEF) – Mueller water products has announced that they will be opening a new operation in Marion County.

Mueller is a manufacturing company that makes fire hydrants, water metering products, and many other water products.

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The company will be moving into the old West Rock building on Industrial Drive.

The expansion to Marion County will bring over 320 jobs.

Mayor David Jackson hopes that this will help Marion County residents find jobs locally.

“Our employment rate is right at 4 %. But we have a lot of folks that drive every day. These are good paying jobs. As most people know, it is very difficult sometimes for people to travel from here to Chattanooga because of traffic issues on 24. So, hopefully this will give some folks that are working in Chattanooga the opportunity to come back home.”

According to Mayor Jackson, Mueller would like to begin hiring in January.