Mom To Mom: Taking an Affordable Trip to Disney


We’re going to show you how to do Disney the affordable way. I wanted to surprise my five-year-old with a surprise you’re going to Disney box. Now of course I bought this online, but you are more than welcome to create your own. It’s super easy and you can find all this stuff at any of the major department stores.

Up next, we talk affordable travel options. There’s always a lot online that you can possibly find. I happen to be going with just me and my five-year-old and so we were able to find a flight during the week that was really cheap. Now if you’re wanting to take the entire family, driving might be the other option.

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Now we’re talking tickets. The best time of the year I found a gift them is in their off season and that’s usually around mid November, end of December, January and February. Not to mention the weather is awesome. You can always stay off campus, but if you wanted to come and be on Disney property, camping at Fort Wildnerness is the way to go. We stopped for a quick snack that we brought in. And we saved money by taking our own snacks into Disney, which you can take all kinds of stuff in there. Peanut butter and jellies, turkey sandwich, or just something healthy like we had.

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