Chattanooga Police Dept. Adding 8 New Cameras to Real Time Intelligence Center


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Chattanooga police say they have had success with the public security cameras used in their Real Time
Intelligence Center.

That’s why that they are going to add eight more.

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Whether that program is good or bad for the city, depends on who you ask.

The CPD is planning to add another 8 cameras to the 29 they already have deployed around the city.

There’s a complicated and lengthy process to determine the location of the cameras. It’s a combination of violent crime data, patrol officer and citizen input.

“All of that information is tallied, we rank the addresses, and present that to Chief Roddy and Cheif Roddy makes the final decision to where the cameras will go,” said Sgt. William Atwell, head of the Real Time Intelligence Center.

And just how successful have the cameras been?

“The month of July we had 210 incidents that RealTime Intelligence Center investigators either followed up on, monitored live, or investigated, we had 210 incidents, out of those 210 we had 86% usable video evidence,” said Sgt. Atwell.

The cameras and video recordings not only help to identify and lead to the arrests of violent criminals, but also help convict them in court.

There are mixed feelings about 24 hour a day surveillance.

“Most of Chattanooga’s crime is driven by a very small amount of people, and the feedback that we’re receiving from most citizens is positive,” said Atwell.

Megan Parker said, “I think that’s a good thing. I think that if, as a single woman if I was out and about, and if it was later at night and there was any issues, I think that I would feel protected, feel safer.”

“Because of crime. Yeah. And if something happens to somebody, I mean, you’d want to catch the criminals before they do something to somebody else,” said Christy Marzano-May.

And Ayesha Ophelia said, “I tend to think that they can watch my every move, I feel a little uncomfortable with that level of security, but I understand they make some people feel comfortable, so . . .”

The new cameras will be installed in selected areas of the city when EPB extends fiber-optic lines into those areas.

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