Market South is the new brewery/dining concept behind the Angel Wings


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The Monen’s new restaurant adventure begins in Chattanooga next week.

Taylor and Michael Monen operate the MF Restaurant Group that gave us Taco Mamacita, Urban Stack, Community Pie, Milk & Honey and Hi-Fi Clyde’s.

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They have recently been expanding their restaurant empire outside our area, particularly Nashville.

But the Market South project returns them to Chattanooga.

It will be located at 100 West Main, next to Barger Academy (in the old Enzo Market space). Last week, artist Kesley Montague painted an Angel Wings mural on the outside of the building.

Market South will offer a new brewery for our area, surrounded by a variety of food options.

The brewery is Five Wits Brewing Company from Denver.

And they will be surrounded by three restaurants, a coffee house and a test kitchen.

The restaurants offer roman style pizza, a wok concept and Indian food.

The test kitchen will provide training for up and coming chefs in our area.  It will provide a rotating type of menus.

Brian Scott with Market South says “All of these spaces are places people can go to find like, it is kind of where you go to escape the stresses and the problems of the day.”

“And the fact that we have them all in one area I think is just going to bring the whole community together.”

Market South is expected to open up next Monday.