Nix The Noise In ‘Nooga


CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – Nix The Noise in ‘Nooga is a petition making its way around Chattanooga.

From late night motorcyclists, to early morning construction, some Chattanoogan’s are fed up.

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Frankie Hendricks has lived in her home for three years.

It is located right across from Bayberry Apartments.

Frankie says that she’s thankful that they are cleaning her neighborhood, but she is tired of hearing dumpsters come before seven every day.

Frankie says, “They come and get the dumpsters and make all of that noise and everything and one time they come and knock that thing down that whole telephone post they did one time and we was out of lights for a while and then they finally fixed it. But they don’t need to be coming that time of the morning, that’s just too early.”

Therese Tuley says that late night motorcyclists and non-mufflered cars are getting out of hand.

So she created the Nix The Noise in Nooga petition and reached out to City councilman Jerry Mitchell.

Therese hopes that this petition not only helps stop the noise but inform others of how they can hold their city officials accountable.

Tuley says, “It’s gotten people to be more aware of what our ordinances are and get more involved in what I hope will be a civil way.”

The City of Red Bank has a Noise ordinance as well.

Red Bank’s police chief Dan Seymour wants their citizens to know what to do if they hear any late night noises.

Seymour says, “What we would like for you to do, a lot of times, of there is a noise you can’t tell if it’s suspicious activity or if it’s something else like a party or what not. We just ask that you maybe call your local jurisdictions phone number, the non-emergency phone. Typically, the response is the officers will come and check it out and if its in violation of the ordinance then they will make contact with the owner and try to speak to them.”