Mocs ‘Project Thumper’ Earning Backfield Results


Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) The Mocs ground game has been dubbed ‘Project Thumper’ by the running backs, and it seems the project is paying off. Chattanooga failed to average a hundred yards rushing a game last season. But after three games this season, UTC is up to 134-yards rushing per contest.

Said running back Elijah Ibitokun-Hanks:”We just all thought of it together. Tyrell (Price) thought of the ‘Thumper’ part, and I was like hey, let’s add a little something to it. Let’s add ‘Project’ to it. ‘Project Thumper’, and that was all she wrote.”
Reporter:”Is there any kind of meaning to ‘Project Thumper’?”
Said Hanks:”You just got to watch it and see for yourself.” (laughter)
Reporter:”Were you aware of the nickname the running back group has give themselves ‘Project Thumper’?”
Said defensive back Rashun Freeman:”I was not aware of that. (laughter) Definitely not. Yeah I can definitely say that the way they run, I can attest to that name.”